Hello world, it’s me.

How do you begin a blog? Is it like Alcoholics Anonymous where you must first introduce yourself? Hi my name is Jenn and I’m a blogger. This is my first meeting…I mean, post.

Or should I start with an ice breaker? A joke to bond us and settle our nerves.

Why were three blondes fishing with magnets? To catch the steelhead trout, of course. Ba-dump-bump! Bad joke. Don’t we feel closer? Wait…don’t leave. I promise, I won’t do that again.

Let me explain.

This is me. (Well, me with my kids would be a more accurate description.)


This is my ambition in life…




I haven’t been doing a lot of these things lately. Work and kids take up a lot of time. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job…I’m a writer. And I love my kids…Boogie and Bagoo are the center of my universe. But last year was my tipping point. I got caught in the wheel of life, and felt rather uninspired. I lost my life spark. Things felt hum-drum. If this was an indicator of what’s to come, I didn’t want it. I needed to make some changes.

So, that’s how I got here. I promised myself that I would make progress on my goals. Make time for myself. Enjoy my life more! I’m not overly ambitious. I won’t cure cancer. I have no interest in becoming President. I admire those who have that discipline. But I’m a selfish beast. I just want to spend more quality time with the people I love doing the things that I love.

I know it’s not earth shaking. But if I’m honest with myself–to my very core– I love the mountains, the trees, the water…I love being outside. I feel better. I feel more connected to this world. And when it’s been too long since I stepped outside and paid attention to the world around me, I wither inside. I become a worse mother. I become a worse wife. I become a worse human being. So, fellow Earth travelers, I do this for you. (Maybe I’m not so selfish after all. Wink. Wink.)

This blog is my record. A place to be still and learn. To evaluate and contemplate. In it, I will write about my pursuit for more time fishing, more time yoga-ing, more time cooking, more time camping,…more time enjoying my life and those who are on the path with me. Aren’t I a giver?

Oh, and hopefully I’ll learn some lessons along the way.

Let’s begin.


2 thoughts on “Hello world, it’s me.

  1. Jenn!!! You absolutely rock. I can’t get over how you dived into your blog and have actually been posting! For this first one, I love the images—you and the girls, fly fishing, beer & outdoors—all so very you. And it’s funny to boot! I’m inspired! xoxox Annie

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