Getting back on the bike

During my last pregnancy, I had a good prenatal yoga routine going. But after Bagoo arrived things changed. They have a tendency of doing that. And part of that change included a break from yoga. Today that, too, changed.

This morning I woke up, drank my coffee, made lunches and all that normal routine stuff. But then I did something different. Something bold. I prioritized my well-being over work. I’m lucky enough to work for a company that supports flexible work hours…as long as you’re getting your work done. Why not take advantage of that support?

So, this morning I sat down at my computer a little earlier than normal. And when the time came, I stepped away. For an hour and a half. I’ve never done something like that before. At the start of a full work day. Such audacity. It felt brilliant!

Walking into that studio was like walking into the arms of a loving grandma. The soft folds enveloping you, smelling so familiar, wrapping you with love and undying support. I love my yoga studio. I love my yoga instructor. She holds sacred space for us all. And even though it had been four years, she still remembered me.

Kelley Rush photo--Two Rivers photo stream from Flickr

I set my intention and dedicated my practice to me. Selfish me. Because I promised myself I’d make time for me. I promised to pay more attention. And today I did. I listened to my body and the movements flowed with my breathe, and I couldn’t hide the smile on my face.

It’s just like riding a bike. It might take you awhile to steady yourself, but you never really forget.


2 thoughts on “Getting back on the bike

    • Thanks, Annie. It was eye-opening to me. All of the decisions and road blocks I’ve put in my own way in order to follow some sort of convention I believed I was supposed to follow. I’m really enjoying this new schedule. Funny how switching 90 minutes in your work week can feel so luxurious and impactful.

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