Liver elixir

Alarms start blaring all over the house. Apparently it’s wake up time. But since it’s winter, and the mornings are dark and cold, we all remain tucked in. Me downstairs on the sofa with the snuggliest of blankets and my computer. Missing a hot cup of coffee. We’re all out of beans.

As a replacement, I’m taking Dr. Oz’s advice–via my mother– to drink a glass of hot water with lemon and Tabasco in the morning. Maybe flushing out those pesky liver toxins will turn me into a superhuman, gettin’-things-done-around-here machine.

The elixir is hot and the Tabasco adds to the heat. Not bad. I hope my liver appreciates it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to help the glaze over my eyes. The clouds in my head. I might need coffee afterall.

My wee ones are hidden under their covers, while my husband has thrown himself on top of ours. Either he pressed snooze or the alarm gave up on him. The house is filled with silence, again.

Why is it so hard to get out of bed some days? Winter isn’t, necessarily, hard here. We don’t get buckets of snow and ice. Nothing fun to play in or shape. Our winters test a soul. The sky is a permanent shade of grey and the ground is permanently wet. Night comes quickly and lingers longer than in summer months. You’ll wake up in the dark and come home in the dark. I’ve met many an import who couldn’t handle it. Too bleak, they say. Too depressing. And me? I’m born and buttered here. This is what I know. But I can’t pretend that my energy doesn’t take a dip during these dark months.

Here, Mother Nature forces you to slow down and hibernate. She wants you to notice the changes in life. The highs and the lows. Find comfort in change. She’s testing you. It’s easy to go through life when it’s sunny all of the time. But how will you perform during dark times?

Perhaps that’s why us Seattleites are obsessed with coffee. A bright cup of liquid motivation. Thank you, tropical growers, for keeping up the supply and allowing us this indulgence. It’s very appreciated! I think now I’d better go get some. Soon the troops will be up and I’ll need to kick into superhuman speed.

Good morning, world! How’s your liver feeling?

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4 thoughts on “Liver elixir

  1. A couple days ago, I read all three of your first blog posts back-to-back. With the first one I was super excited for you, with the second one I was super impressed—both that you went to yoga AND bothered to blog about it. Now, with this third one, I hate to admit it (but you know I have to), I felt jealous that you’re actually writing and actually making the changes that we’ve talked about for so long. Luckily, Joe talked me down from the edge and I love myself again and have been able to happily enjoy your subsequent blog posts. But just thought I’d fess up. Keep ’em comin’, one of these days I just may join you. xoxox

  2. Thanks for all of your support. Now you know how I feel when you talk about Tana and your travels…extreme jealousy. You have a story in your head that needs to be told. Get writing. You’ll feel so much better. Even if you don’t keep the pages, the action of writing is theraputic. (You taught me that.)

  3. oh the lemon juice… it’s now a month later- are you still at it? I did this too for most of January. Actually didn’t really want to drink coffee much afterwards- usually i’m a morning tea drinker and barely wanted that. What I did not add was the tobasco sauce. Don’t know if I could do that- could I use the green one? 🙂 jk – if I get back on just the lemon it will be a feat. cheers… wendy

    1. Sadly, no. My coffee addiction is too strong, Wendy. I just couldn’t bear to go without that first hot cup of joe in the morning. Hot lemon juice sort of paled in comparison.
      Rather than Tabasco, you could use a pinch of cayenne pepper. As for using green Tabasco, I’m sure you could. It’s still a spicy kick. Although, I don’t like green Tabasco, so you won’t see me try it. 😉
      P.S. Your juicing blog post has inspired me. I plan on whipping up a breakfast smoothie this morning. Cheers!

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