Hee-haw, I’m a donkey

A slight chuckle in my head. I blame it on my eight-year old boy sense of humor. Using ujjayi breath, I breathe in through my nose while the back of my throat contracts. I pretend I’m inward singing the sound “hee”. It’s a deep breathe, rich in oxygen. Several seconds later, I breath out through my nose while the back of my throat opens. I pretend I’m saying the sound “haw”. Hee-haw. Hee-haw. Like I said, it’s only funny to me. Because I’m like an eight-year old, and things like farts and donkey sounds make me chuckle. Give it a try. It will make you feel like this…

Red balloon floating up into the sky

Boyant and light. Like you can take on any challenge. This is one of the best things I’ve learned from yoga. Sometimes all you really need is a few good breaths to center yourself.

Namaste. (That’s Sanskrit for, my soul sees and respects your soul. It’s the best greeting, ever.)


2 thoughts on “Hee-haw, I’m a donkey

  1. I love this post! It’s been ages since I’ve been to yoga, but I know that breathing pattern. The Hee-Haw visual is perfect and indeed inspires an internal chuckle. But more than anything, the photo speaks volumes. That’s the whitespace place. I really love it! xoxox

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