An ethereal fog rolls in

A windy path lined with fallen leaves leads to our small river. Everywhere you look, shades of green and brown.


It’s warmed up outside– at least 10 degrees. Even so, the small pools of water are still frozen. Reticent to thaw.


The rocks are dry. It hasn’t rained in days. But step beneath the surface and the silt is slippier than a banana peel. Lots of good stuff growing under there. Next time, I’ll collect a sample for the microscope. The kids will get a kick out of that.


The water is lower than last week and moving fast. It’s practically crystal clear–I can see every stone and boulder.


A thick fog has settled into the area. The world feels ethereal, like King Arthur and his knights might ride through at any minute.



3 thoughts on “An ethereal fog rolls in

  1. The close-up leaf picture is really fabulous. Did you take it with your handy dandy new camera? Also, I love how the mere suggestion of King Arthur made me experience the river photo in a different way. I looked at it awhile and then pictured a Native American Indian hiding behind the bush, watching an encampment of white trappers just across the river.

  2. Yep, we invested in a Canon EOS 7D a few years ago for a trip to Costa Rica. My sister-in-law was getting married, and we wanted to capture the best photos we could. Ian’s way more educated on using the camera and developing the photos, but it’s on my bucket list. So, I’m trying. These are all photos I took recently. I really like the leaf photo, as well. It came out pretty much how I wanted it to.

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