Free in your love

For me, music is a necessity during yoga. Music is the spirit. It creeps into the cracks of my mind, and settles into my bones. I notice the difference in my movements. They’re more fluid when accompanied by song. My body sways. Any tension in my muscles relaxes and I go deeper into a pose.

If you practice yoga, I highly recommend you check out “Free in your love” by Steve Gold. It will make your soul sing!

And if you’re feeling particularly glutton for punishment. Here’s the yoga routine that I did at the studio while this song was playing. And by punishment, I mean this routine kicked my butt. Just remember to breath.



One thought on “Free in your love

  1. Okay, LOVE the Steve Gold song!! The yoga video on the other hand has rather frenetic music to my ear, especially after the soothing relaxation of “Free in your love.” I do, however, like her location. Maybe she’s doing the yoga super fast in order to beat the tide coming in! 😉

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