Ticked off frogs

A temperature increase in the mountains has sent some runoff water down our way. Add in a bunch of rain and you’ve got yourself a whole mess of water.

It’s nothing dramatic, yet. Just some lowland flooding. But the rivers are swollen and the flow has changed; an additional 110 c.f.s. (cubic feet per second) per hour.


The little duckies are safe in their streams and ponds.


But I bet the frogs are a little ticked off. Their lillypads are covered and there’s no where to bask…not that they can bask, since there’s no sun. Ok, maybe the frogs are really happy. Maybe they’ve packed up their little froggy families and are camping in the woods. Tucked away from this downpour. Maybe they’re roasting little froggy marshmallows over a little froggy bonfire. I guess I’ll never know.


“And what about the birds?”, you ask. Hrm, these puddles have a curious likeness to a certain famous mouse. Could this be a sparrow amusement park? If only I’d stuck around to find out.


But I’m soaking wet and ready to head home.


Hope you’re keeping dry!


8 thoughts on “Ticked off frogs

  1. Somebody has quite the imagination 😀

    Oh yea, I love that last photograph, very well composed. I’m guessing through the windshield of the car? The light in the lower right from headlights perhaps? 🙂

    • Close. The car was perpendicular to the road, so yes the headlights are on the lower right of the photograph. But I took the picture out of the driver’s side window, with the window down. If I had shot through the windshield you would have seen big drops of rain. 😉

      • Well that makes sense doesn’t it. How did I miss the lack of rain drops? I know, I’ll be 48 in September, they say the mind is the first to go 😛

      • What are you talking about? You noticed the light in the picture and made a correct assumption that it was headlights. I think your powers of observation are just fine; not worn down with wear.

      • I know, I just usually don’t miss details like that. I picked up on the lights right away. Your position on the road enabled me to put 2 and 2 together, “must be headlights,” and with the road going straight away, “must be through the windshield.” My contact lenses were floating in my eyes, yea, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😀

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