When I grow up

When I grow up, I want to hang with April Vokey.

FlyGal Fly Fishing; April Vokey

That FlyGal will teach me all of her wicked tricks, and she’ll encourage me to hit the river and get my fish on. And after a hard day of “working” on the river, we’ll celebrate our successes with a beer at sunset. And, when I get a dog, our puppies will play together. And…

Okay, maybe April Vokey won’t be my BFF. But she can be my inspiration. This lady knows her stuff, and is ultra supportive of women entering the sport.

She’s coming to visit a local flyfishing shop soon, and I really want to sign up. But I’ve never learned how to tie my own fly, so I think her tying intruder variations clinic may be a bit too advanced for me. Drat!

This is definitely the motivation I need to set aside time to learn. So I’ll make a promise to myself today. I’ll sign up for a casting clinic next month, and I’ll schedule an introduction to fly tying class before the spring. And maybe one day…yes, one day… I’ll get out there and have a day that looks something like this…

[[Editor’s note: I found a video of April Vokey and have replaced the previously posted video. Any comments that you see regarding fly casting errors do not apply to this new video. April’s a pro!]]


12 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. My dad used to fly fish and I used to want to learn. I’m sure you’ve seen “A River Runs Through It”—the fishing scenes really brought me back to my childhood. I think the audio track on the video is a travesty, although I’m impressed with the fishing skilz.

  2. That opening sequence has got to be some of the most un-graceful fly casting I’ve ever seen, yikes!

    Definitely learn to tie your own flies! Catching your first fish on a fly is great, catching one on a fly you tied yourself is awesome!

    • Yep, fly tying class is definitely on my to-do list. But I need to focus on casting clinics first, me thinks. It’s just been too long, and like a golf swing over time, I’m sure I’ve picked up some bad habits.

      • One tip I was given that has helped quite a bit, move the rod like you’re swinging a hammer, with your whole forearm and not just flipping your wrist. Easier to do than explain, but worked like a charm.

      • Honestly, I only chose that video for the music. It was just a fun fishing video, and I didn’t really look too closely at their form. I think you’ve inspired me to edit this blog post and use a video with April Vokey in it. That would make more sense, anyways, since the post is about her.

      • Don’t change it on my account. Those appear to be some pretty big rods, and I know from trying my hand with a 9 wt. it isn’t as easy to finess as it is with my 1wt, or 5wt. I mean if I’m going to fly fish I might as well look pretty doing it, right? 😛

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