Ray of light

Driving to the yard waste drop box over the weekend, a ray of light caught my attention. It was hitting the base of the mountain and creating a fascinating spotlight effect. It was lightly raining, at the time, and the light was very diffused. I reached for my camera and took a few shots.

If I were hiking the mountain at the time, exhaustion taking over my lungs, I might have thought this ray of light was there just for me. Egging me on, giving me the energy to continue the climb. ‘Cause apparently I’m superstitious like that. Oh, and because the world revolves around me…of course.


Here’s a different angle, zoomed in more on the haystack. Isn’t that beautiful shading?


The ray of light didn’t last long. Soon the clouds won that battle, and the rain turned to soft hail. But for a moment. Just that one moment. This little corner of the world was warmed by the sun’s light, and this cliff had it’s time in the spotlight.

I hope that happens for you at some point today.


4 thoughts on “Ray of light

    • Light is pretty scarce around these parts right now. I’m finding it difficult to get out there and take pictures. Everything looks the same. Dreary. 😉 I guess it doesn’t help that the only time I have to go outside is early in the morning and late at night…when it’s dark outside.

      • There’s always the weekends! 😀 Striking a balance between photography and spending time with my wife and daughter was the key. It also helps that often I’m home from a sunrise shoot before my wife is even out of her pajamas 🙂

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