Come out and play

I’ve got a little experiment for us to try. Are you up for it?

This morning I wrote a silly, little poem. I know, I know, most people don’t like poetry. Don’t worry, I kept it short. But here’s the trick. If you’re willing to play along, I have a favor to ask.

I’d like you to read the poem. Again, it’s short. Don’t panic. Oh, and reading the poem isn’t the favor I’m asking for.

After you’ve read the poem, I want you to read it again. But this time, play the song I embedded in the post (scroll down to see the embedded video) while you read it. (Again, don’t panic. I’m not a trickster. This is just a song. No disturbing images or anything like that.)

Then, if you would, tell me how the poem changed for you. Did it become a totally different poem?

Are you ready for this? Here we go.



A dreamy man lays on a log.

Rooted to the ground,

His tired eyes meet mine.

Hello there child, he says.

Are you here to see the cosmos?

Do you want to touch the stars?

Open the door.

Step outside.

Come out and play.

Now click the play button to start the song, and then read the poem again.

Okay, your opinion of my horrible poem might not have changed, but I bet after listening to this song you’re now ready to tackle your day with fervor!

You’re welcome.

Have a rockin’ day, ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “Come out and play

  1. Very tricky you trickster! Pretending this was a game, but really getting me to listen to some rock…love ya! To fulfill on the game challenge…I read your poem…and liked it…really. In fact, Tana liked it too! I think she’s met this man 😉

    On first reading, I had a quieter Zen-ish feeling. On second reading with the song, I had a go out dance and experience the cosmos with a cosmo in hand feeling.


    • You’re on! And, I’m bringing a writing prompt. We’re gonna spend 15 minutes writing…to get those creative juices flowing. Add cosmos to this mix, and I think we’ll have some hilarity. Hrm, maybe I should bring MadLibs, too. 🙂

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