Sore shoulders

Ouch. Oh, me achin’ bones. Ouchie wawa!

Things aren’t working as smoothly as they ought to this morning. The muscles in my neck and the tops of my shoulders are SO tight from snowmobiling this weekend.

Woe is me…I feel like an old lady.

Of course, it was worth it. So I guess I will forgive that bright red sled for whipping my head back and forth like a doll. Oh, wait, that was my driving that did that. Crazy woman!


So, as I was saying…before the muscle spasm and fatigue set in…we took the kids snowmobiling for the very first time. They loved it. Little adrenanline junkies.


I’m pretty sure I’ve been snowmobiling before. But now that I try to remember the last time, I’m starting to think maybe this was my first time too. Huh. Can that be right?

How have I lived on this planet for so long and never gone snowmobiling before? I mean, the snow-park is practically in my backyard. Hrm. I have a feeling this won’t be our last time.

My husband is from Alaska and grew up “snowmachining”. He’s been hankering to go lately, so he called up an old buddy from his Alaska childhood and they set up a weeekend “retreat” for us.

Boogie on the snowmobile

We spent two days, and many hours, flying around on these contraptions. Our booties bouncing up and down. Arms stretched out to make room for the kid in front of us. We cruised over icy switchbacks headed to the top of the mountain where we found some open bowls to go wild in.

And at the top we were met with an incredible view.

Hubs climbing a small peak

Squint really hard and you can see my hubs at the top of this small peak. He was feeling especially young and sprightly, and decided to billy goat his way over there.

This must have been before he “was hit by a Mac truck”. At least that’s what he told me last night before he popped a few pain relievers and headed to bed. Hehehe. Getting old with each other is proving quite comical.

View from the top

Such a beautiful view! Now just imagine a fierce, bone-chilling wind sweeping past you and you’ll have a sense of what it was like there.

The view really did inspire me. I wondered what it would look like in the morning when the first sun rays poked across the peaks. A thought hatched itself there.

I don’t set off on many adventures alone these days. It was a rare opportunity to have a house full of adults that could keep an eye on my kids for me. So early Sunday morning I picked up my camera, my cup of coffee, and started trekking through the snow. In search of the perfect spot to photograph the sunrise.

My footsteps were the only sound in the woods. Thunk. Crunch. Thunk. Crunch.

I started climbing up a hill. Attempting to make my way up past the tree line, so I could get a clear shot of the mountain range. Also, I was trying to reach a spot where I could see the sun.

Sunset on a mountain

Of course, sometimes an adventure doesn’t work out the way you plan.

The sun was rather uncooperative for me. No brilliant colors. And I soon discoverd that my camera lens was just too weak for this trip. But as it was, I got a few good shots from my morning hike.

Sunset from a different angle

Ugh, I think I’ll skip crossfit this morning. I’m just too much of a wimp!

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7 thoughts on “Sore shoulders

  1. Oh yea lady! There are called snowmobile muscles for a reason. There is little ou can do to prepare for those. Glad you had a good time, it is a blast. I am so excited to get back to riding, one good benefit of getting Aidan his own sled for Xmas this year!

    1. It was so much fun. Every five seconds Ian would look at me and say, “That was so much fun. Like, that was the most fun I’ve had ever. Did I mention that was fun?”
      P.S. I can’t believe your little man is all grown up and driving his own sled. Wicked fun!

  2. OMG, how fun! So, did you stay at a cabin? Was this a private thing that your friend organized, or is there a link where I can sign up. You know I’m always looking for adventures. xoxox

  3. Oh, that’s the best part of the story. And I glossed right over it. The trip was practically free. We stayed in a friend’s cabin, just at the base of the snow park. And we used that friend’s snowmobiles. All we paid for was gas and food. Brilliant!

  4. Amazing views! Glad to hear you got adventurous and headed out to greet the sun. I like the touch of pink in the first photo, very nice. It is a shame when it doesn’t work out the way you plan though, but that’s what keeps me going back. Once you do get the sunrise you’re looking for you’ll be hooked, you’ll want to get up before the sun every chance you can.

    1. I’m always up before the sun. But by the time that lazy winter sun makes it away to this corner of the world, I don’t have time to get outside and snap a pic. I’m looking forward to summer when this might be possible.

      1. As far as sunrise goes, I am NOT looking forward to summer. Sunrise comes way too early. Pretty soon sunrise images will become pretty scarce on my blog. Sunrise is so much nicer this time of year, when it’s around 7 a.m. As opposed to the summer when it’s around 5. Since I like to be set up at least half an hour before, summer sunrises make for very early wake up times.

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