A fun bit of escapism

For the past several days, I’ve been watching The River Why. A fun bit of escapism for me. It took me several days, because I only had 30 minute chunks of time in which I could watch the film. While folding laundry on Sunday night. Just before bed on Monday night. And, finally, the last 30 minutes this morning before work. That’s how much I love movies. I have to squeeze in a little time every so often.

One day, I plan on sitting through the whole movie– beginning to end, non-stop. Yes, I intend on watching it again! And I also intend on checking out the book. You know what they say, the books are always better than the movie.

Before I continue, I should confess. It doesn’t take much to suspend my disbelief. I can ignore how quickly and easily Gus caught fish. And I’m not going to critique his casting style or the type of bait he chose. Again, suspension of disbelief.

I watched, and enjoyed, this film for one reason. The scenery.


The magical, beautiful, nay, stunning scenery. The movie takes place near Portland, Oregon. And the cinematography is like a documentary of Oregon rivers. I reveled in the stream of images flashing before my eyes. The creeks, the rivers, the fish, the trees. The more I watched, the more jealous I became.

How fantastic would it be to go live in a cabin by the river for a summer? Your only responsibility to keep your equipment maintained.

If you check the reviews on IMBD, you’ll see that this movie didn’t get a high score. I blame that on the slow nature of the movie. And I guess that’s just what I liked about it. It followed the pace of a river. Slow and steady. In no rush to reveal the subtext. After all, thinking about your life should take time. If you’re in a rush, then you’ll only scratch the surface.

The River Why DVD cover

Don’t you just love art? It’s a movie about fishing, but it makes you think about what you’re passionate about, and why you love. Only art can make those analogies. Only art can help you see with clearer vision.

What about you? What movies give you a fun bit of escapism?

Here’s the movie trailer, if you’re interested.


5 thoughts on “A fun bit of escapism

    • Well, I really wanted to watch it. 🙂 And since we were out of town last weekend, and we’re out of town this weekend, I just didn’t have the patience to wait. I watched it when I had time. I was a woman possessed, I guess.

    • You’ll have to let me know what you think, Denise. The movie is filmed on the Wilson River. I’ve never been there, and intend on making that a road trip destination…one of these days.

  1. I was visiting my Mom when I read your post and we watched it together. Well, partly together. She gave up after about a half hour, just too slow for her. I finished it on my own and loved the scenery, and it made me think of my Dad. “A River Runs Through It” is still my favorite fishing movie, which I assume you’ve seen (probably many times). xoxox Annie

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