Cauliflower is good, m’kay

It’s kitchen concoction time, again. If you read last week’s post, you’ll notice a recurring character. Cauliflower. A fabulous winter bounty that I, apparently, am addicted to.


Is it wrong to love a vegetable so much?


My husband thinks I’m crazy for loving vegetables so much. He suffers through eating them, because he knows they’re good for him. Now, that’s crazy talk, man.

Especially when it comes to cauliflower. Cook that stuff up and it’s practically like sugar. So sweet.

These happy little florets were roasting away in the oven, while I was practicing my bakasana at yoga class. More on that another day.

I rubbed the cauliflower with olive oil, sea salt, and a heavy dusting of pecorino romano. mmm…sheep’s cheese.


And when I got back from the yoga studio, my dinner was ready and waiting for me. Blessed universe! Oh wait, I mean blessed me. After all, I put the dang stuff in the oven, didn’t I?

Oh, and blessed hubs. He took the stuff out of the oven, so that I didn’t end up burning down the house. Amen!

Before I sat down to grub, I did a quick check in with the hubs and kids. My husband said “it was alright”, and my oldest gave me a huge thumbs up (she’s a veggie lover like her mama). But the best story comes out of my youngest. She turned and scowled at her father and said, “I love cauliflower. How come you didn’t give me cauliflower?” Then she rushed over to me and begged me to give her some more. So I did. Then she asked me to heat it up. So I did. Then she said it was too hot, so she was just gonna lay down on the sofa while the cauliflower cooled. So they did.

And as I happily noshed on roasted cauliflower and a spinach salad, she continued to ignore her cauliflower. Hrm. You win some, you lose some. At least I know for certain that she ate her bacon and hard-boiled egg.

Bacon and eggs are essential ingredients in a spinach salad. Without them, I doubt my family would eat the salad. Even when I tell them that’s how Popeye got so big and strong.


And then I realized that they’ve never watched Popeye and have no idea what I’m talking about.


I guess I’d better rethink my strategy.

Don’t let the hubs and a 4-year old scare you off. If you’re a veggie lover then you’ll like this stuff. If you’re not then you’ve been warned and you can move along with your day.

Here are the recipes:

Parmesan Roasted cauliflower

As for the spinach salad, I just threw that together. Since the oven was on 425 degrees for the cauliflower, I put some bacon strips on a cookie sheet and stuck it in the oven. I put some eggs in a pot of water to boil. And not long thereafter, the bacon crisped up quickly and the eggs were cooked and ready to cool.

I crumbled up the bacon and put it on top of freshly washed and torn spinach leaves. Toss in some tomatoes, and maybe red onion thinly sliced if you’ve got it. Slice up the hard-boiled egg, and then dress the salad.

I really like the dressing from this Wilted Spinach Salad recipe.

Bon Appetite!

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5 thoughts on “Cauliflower is good, m’kay

  1. Cauliflower and eggs? I’m not sure you could have chosen two more vile tasting “food” items if you tried 😀

    1. hahahaha. Me thinks you’ve got something against colorless food. 😉

      1. No, just food that tastes horrible 😛 I will admit that the cauliflower you find in a jar of sweet pickles is pretty good. But only because it tastes like everything else in the jar. Eggs on the other hand, Eeeeeeewww!!! Thins made with egg, no problem, the eggs by themselves, not if you put a gun to me head. I’ll wait until the eggs has feathers, then I’ll pluck it and fry it 😀

  2. One of my go-to restaurants on Phinney Ridge is called “Stumbling Goat.” I go in especially for their cauliflower, which I’m told they soak in milk (I don’t know how long, maybe overnight). Then they pat it dry and braise it in a pan with brandy and finish with some sea salt—heaven!

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