Dancing bridge

With dreams of sunrise in my head, I held my breath. Quietly tiptoeing through the hotel room. Opening a squeaky closet door to reach my suitcase. Brushing my teeth in the small bathroom right next to where my slumbering family lay. Rifling through a pile of winter coats and snow pants in search of my hat. Could winter clothes be any louder? Finally, I crept out the door and exhaled a pent up breath. Because not breathing makes you so much more quiet, right?

Either way, let the adventure begin…

With big Sorel’s tied to my feet, I stomped down the hallway, to the elevator, and out the front door. That first morning air telling me so much about this place. Cold, but not so cold that my breath follows me everywhere. No stars in sight. The clouds still lingering up there. And there’s a slight dampness. Is it cold enough for this humidity to turn into snow fall?

Another deep breath, and a “good morning” to the young Australians attending the valet post. I set off down the sidewalk toward Whistler village.

I crossed the street and took a walking path that cuts across a river. And as I got closer, I saw the foot bridge. And it’s exploding with color. What the heck?


With no coffee in my system, I questioned what I saw. Rubbing my eyes, I tried focusing again. What was green was now blue.


This bridge is tripping the light fantastic.


No Photoshop edits or crazy camera settings, I swear. These are the colors as I saw them.


Funny, if I had seen this colorful display the night before I would have thought nothing of it. But so early in the morning, I felt out of sorts. Like I was the first person to show up for a party. No one wants to be that person.

The village was deserted, as well. A few lights bouncing across the mountain. Somewhere up there humans were riding on their snow plows and snowmobiles preparing for the day’s skiing. But at the base of the mountain, there was just me.

All of the shops were closed. No coffee for now.

I scouted around for a perch. Would it be possible to see the sunrise this morning? To capture it on film? I doubted it.

I took a practice shot. It was still too dark out for a good picture. The camera was struggling to focus.


I grabbed my bag and started walking around. In search of life.

It started slowly. A runner passing by me. Ten minutes later a lone skiier clomping down the brick pathway in his ski boots. Another ten minutes later and a pack of three skiiers headed toward the gondola.

I checked the clock. Still another fifteen minutes before the coffee shop opened. Oh, the torture! I couldn’t take any pictures in this light, it looked like I wouldn’t see a good sunrise, and I was coffee-less.

What ever happened to the early bird getting the worm?

I gave up on the sunrise photo. With a hot coffee in hand, I walked back to the hotel.

And as I crossed the foot bridge, again, I felt the faint kiss of baby snowflakes on my skin.

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8 thoughts on “Dancing bridge

  1. Cool bridge. Nothing like getting up for the sun and then having the sun pull a no-show huh? Been there so many times, and tomorrow mornings trip to the coast has just as much chance to be a bust as well, with the storm we have coming in. But if I hit it right and the gamble pays off, it will all be worth it.

    1. How did your morning trip to the coast go? Did you get the shot you wanted?

      1. It went very well, but no, not yet. I’m getting closer though. Here’s one of them from Saturday morning, http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529582023730984&set=a.180845085271348.36668.178383238850866&type=1&theater,

        And here’s a the decaf version of the one I posted in my “Eight Weeks In” post. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529892487033271&set=a.180845085271348.36668.178383238850866&type=1&theater

      2. Ooooooo…the lavender is really pretty in those. As for that decaf version, is that a long exposure of the water moving that’s creating that mystical, foggy appearance or is that really fog?

      3. Thank you. That’s all long exposure, in the 20-30 second range.

  2. But what a great predawn adventure ! A bridge that is a cameleon. Wonderful photos.

    1. That’s life for you. I set out that morning to capture some amazing sunrise colors. Instead, the universe provided me with a colorful bridge. And the colors were pretty spectacular!
      But, you’re right, getting out early in the day is a great adventure. As I walked past the hotels in Whistler village, it tickled me to think of all those people asleep in their beds.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment, Bella. It’s so nice to (virtually) meet you.

  3. I love your description of trying to sneak out of the room quietly…marvelous job of painting the picture. And I know what you mean about snow clothes being noisy. It seems like anytime I’m trying to be quiet, I realize how much a floorboard squeaks or what a racket hangers make. The bridge photos and colors are fascinating; sort of Andy Warhol-ish. Which puts me in mind…have you seen “Men in Black 3”? We just watched it the other night and besides being super entertaining, there’s a very funny Andy Warhol scene. xoxox Annie

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