Flower & garden show

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show this weekend reminded me that winter doesn’t last forever. There is color just around the corner.


And now my brain is all a buzz with ideas for planting, harvesting, and enjoying the earth’s bounty.


Succulents have always been a favorite of mine. They look so alien. And they survive no matter the conditions. Succulents make me think that I’m a good gardener. I love them for that.


Conversely, I can’t keep an orchid alive to save my own life. I have, yet, to master this finicky plant. I’m tempted to keep trying, because they’re so insanely beautiful. And diverse. Look at all these guys!


You’d think there’s gotta be at least one that would be happy in my home.


Perhaps I’ll just stick with admiring them from afar. I don’t think my heart could take killing off more of these amazing specimens.

Besides, sometimes it’s more fun to just sit back and admire someone else’s hard work. To appreciate their talents. To support their goals. And to not make their goals my own.


6 thoughts on “Flower & garden show

    • hrm…that’s a deep thought, A Daisy Garden. I think I’ve heard that before, but in context to relationships. 😉

      Thanks for leaving a post, and for thinking my pictures are pretty. Hugs to you for being so nice!

  1. In “Jurassic Park,” there was a small dinosaur that looked sweet and friendly, then bared it’s teeth and flared out wings from either side of it’s head. The fourth photo reminds me of a beautiful version of that beast.

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