Me and my buds

As I sit here contemplating my toes, my eyes wander out to the garden. Spring is fast approaching and there’s much to do out here. Weeds to eradicate. Compost to rotate. Seeds to sow.

Maintenance helps keep the things I’ve previously planted thriving. New plantings enrich the landscape and fill in those blank spaces. But if you plant too much, then the plants start to compete and push out each other. Vying for the most  nutrients and light. Inevitably something withers and dies. And just as inevitably, sometimes a plant doesn’t work in a particular spot in the garden. Sometimes it would thrive in a completely different environment.

The trick is noticing how things are doing. Paying attention to their signs of stress. Learning more about what they like and don’t like.

Tree buds

Every year this happens. Every spring I assess. What has made it through the winter? What holes are there to fill? What worked? What didn’t?

Admittedly, there have been years where I just plowed ahead. I ripped out the plants that weren’t working and just replaced them. Same plant, different seed.

I was throwing noodles at the wall waiting for one to stick. To know I was done.

Blooming hellebore

But this year I want to do it differently. This year I want to save the plants before they wither. This time I want to tend the garden, so that I support the most life. And that means I need to pay attention. I need to spend time getting to know each plant. Appreciating them for what they are, and not asking them to be something different to fit my needs. And if they’re not the right fit for my garden, accepting that fact, and moving on.

These are my buds. They deserve my attention.


4 thoughts on “Me and my buds

  1. Great title!

    “The trick is noticing how things are doing. Paying attention to their signs of stress. Learning more about what they like and don’t like.” I love this…applies equally well to me as to the plants in your garden. Once again, great food for thought as I proceed forward in my quest for joy. xoxox

    • You found me out. This blog post is about my garden. But it’s also about something more. About everything living thing, and how I treat it.
      This musing was me testing myself. Can I slow down and pay attention to the details? Can I close my mouth and listen more?

      Viva your quest for joy!

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