Sports toy improves coffee performance

A routine part of my day is the obligatory morning cup of coffee. It’s a ritualistic process that I’ve done so many times that my muscle memory requires very few neurons firing in my brain. Which is a very good thing.

The cast of characters very rarely changes. The only pinch hitter is a different bean brand.

In particular, I love Cafe Milagro coffee which is grown and roasted near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. But I’ve found a local roaster that I adore.

Really, it’s not so much the bean as it is the roast. I’ve discovered that I’m a huge fan of the Vienna roast, which gives the bean a light caramel flavor. Conversely, I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks espresso, because it’s a dark roast. Dark roasts are bitter to me, because they taste burnt. I try not to eat burnt food or drink burnt coffee. No, thank you!

I’ll take a steaming hot cup of The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Costa Rican Reserve over that, any day.

So that’s where this coffee brewing business begins. With the beans.

Coffee grinder

Which make their way, in a big scoop, to our fancy, schmancy sport toy of a coffee maker. The AeroPress. It’s a one-cup wonder designed by the same company that brought us the Aerobie Superdisc (competitor to the Frisbee). Kinda random, right?

Coffee grounds in AeroPress

Some folks might like the Keurig, which is a single-cup coffee maker that uses K-cups. K-cups are little, plastic shots that are used to refill the Kuerig coffee maker.

Why don’t we use this? Well, I guess this is where my Northwest education kicks in. Reduce, reuse, recycle. I just can’t justify throwing away so many small plastic containers every day. I mean, that plastic has to go somewhere, right? And I’d rather it not be on my conscience. So, that’s my beef with the K-cup system. Moving on…

Next, comes my best friend. The electric kettle. It’s a blessed thing. (P.S. How the heck do you photograph steam? Must find out. This photo was a highly disappointing undertaking this morning.)

Electric kettle

Hot water meet coffee beans. Coffee beans meet hot water. Give ’em a few stirs so that these two become one.

Coffee grounds and water in AeroPress

And now comes “the press” in AeroPress.

Using AeroPress

Where all of those lovely coffee oils and flavors filter through the coffee maker to brew up a single cup of pure perfection.

A generous pour of milk completes the process.

And that’s the cast of characters that support my daily addiction. I thought I’d give them props today for all that they do for me.

Cast of coffee characters

Thank you, coffee beans! Thank you, coffee grinder! Thank you electric tea kettle! Thank you, AeroPress! Thank you, Smith Brothers Whole Milk (not pictured)!


4 thoughts on “Sports toy improves coffee performance

  1. Not being a coffee drinker myself, it’s interesting to hear about what you like and don’t like about different roasts. So, JoJo has all kinds of coffee toys in the house and one of them is a french press. Your AeroPress seems similar…does it have any advantages over a french press?

    1. Yep, the French press is similar. Two main differences to me: a) the AeroPress includes a small paper filter. Filters prevent coffee grounds from floating in your cup of coffee. (Which happens to me when I use the French Press); b) typically, a French press brews several cups of coffee. I only need one, so I like the compact nature of the AeroPress.
      And that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. 😉

  2. Now that is one lovely cup of coffee. Perfectly made! I agree, a lot of roasters burn their beans.

    1. Well, gracias. I think it’s pretty darn good stuff, myself. But mostly I think it’s funny that a sporting equipment company built my coffee maker.
      Viva coffee!

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