Ode to Old Man Percy

As a young kitten

You were the size of a mitten.

As fluffy as a bear

With angora-like hair.

Your giant, wide head

Wobbled on a toothpick body

Your purr similar to a VW engine

Humming along like a song from the Grateful Dead.

Named after a poet I had to study.

You, like Percy Bysshe Shelley, are often seen as feminine.

Old Man Percy


7 thoughts on “Ode to Old Man Percy

  1. I know Percy is your old kitty and I was half expecting a paragraph under the photo saying that he had passed on. Instead, the photo is probably from this morning. I love the opening two lines…there’s such a sweetness about “You were the size of a mitten.” In the second to last line, do you mean “poetic” or “poet”?

    • hahaha…are you questioning my typing skills?
      What? What typo?

      And, I apologize for making you think this was gonna be a sad post about my cat dying. Now I’m all panicked that something will happen to Percy. Gah!

    • Bella, with all honesty, Percy is the coolest f”cking cat on the planet. And I don’t mean to be all crude and swear, but there’s just no other language to use when talking about him.
      He pretty much puts up with anything you dish out. He’s the biggest snuggle bug, and the most chill cat. My favorite activity is to do voice over for his thoughts. What would this guy talk like if he were human? I waiver between surfer dude and Stewie (from the Family Guy tv show).

      • My ears turned pink just thinking about the idea of video taping that activity. But now you’ve got me thinking it would be a pretty funny video clip. Hrm. I wonder… 😉
        P.S. Thanks, Bella. I am very blessed to have Old Man Percy in my life, and I should stop and think that way more often.

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