Clear night skies bring dipping temperatures, and results in frozen morning dew. A white dusting clings to all surfaces; windshields, branches, and blades of grass. Stepping from a warm home, that first breath outside is sharp and stings the nostrils.

Hustle to the car.  Loaded down with laptop, camera, and kids, it’s the beginning of a work day.

My right-hand reaches for the car door handle.  The skin of my fingertips stick momentarily until the heat of my body melts the small droplets of ice.

We sit for a few minutes as the defrost works overtime. In a cacoon of light with no view. Soon we shed the extra layer of crystalization and I shift into gear. Headed down the road. Passing through the low hanging fog that masks the distance, and brings shortsightedness.

The clock is ticking, but I give in to a momentary impulse to pull off the road. To visit the river.

Treeline reflected in water

All is calm. The water lazily moves by. Barely making a sound.

Tree reflected in water

The river is contemplative. Reflecting on its surroundings.

Grass in foreground

Just starting to wake up. To stretch and look around.

Bridge reflected in water

The world around is isolated.

Bridge in fog

But the river is not alone. A small child sits near and reflects upon the world, as well.

Reflection in puddle


10 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. The serenity pictures sharply contrast with the bustle of getting the kids to school and going to work. I’m so glad that you gave into your impulse, beautiful shots!

    • Oh, thank you. That’s a very generous comment. I wish I could take credit for the stunning photos, but that was all nature’s work. It was a beautiful and still morning. I felt compelled to document the moment. 😉

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    • Thank you, Lisa. Those are kind words coming from a photographer. I appreciate your visiting the blog and leaving a comment. This allowed me to peek into your world and experience your beautiful, macro flower photos. Thanks so much for making this connection.

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