Funny how a little sunshine changes everything

Light is photography, right? So, what happens when you stand in the exact same spot at two different times during the day? The light has changed. How does that change the photo?

Let’s take a look. You may recognize some of these photos from the other day. They originally appeared in my Reflections post.

A few of you commented that this misty photo reminded you of a Monet painting. Very kind words, indeed. I wish I could take credit, but this is all Nature’s doing. But look what happens when I come back in the afternoon to the same location. The sunshine changes the whole feeling of the shot, and the magic is gone. In my mind. Although the color of the river in the daylight photo is actually quite stunning.

Reflections in the mist

Sun on river

Look at how the details of the tree branch in the water changes when you look from this misty scene to the bright daylight. In the first photo you can see the cracks in the branch and the moss growing on the exposed heartwood. But in the daylight photo those details are lost. And now the sparkling water steals the scene.

Bridge reflected in water

Sparkling water

Alright, this one isn’t an exact match up. Apparently I forgot to come back and reshoot this exact frame. Woops. But here’s another wild grass shot that shows the sparkling water in the background. It’s interesting to note the depth is way more played up in the daylight shot. The color variation amps up the contrast between the foreground and background. The grass really comes alives in the sunlight. Don’t you think?

Grass in foreground

Sunny path of wild grass

I wish I could spend my whole day playing around with the camera to get better acquainted with how this stuff works. But at least these small projects are a bit of forward progress. Maybe one day I’ll have a better eye and a deeper understanding of photography.


3 thoughts on “Funny how a little sunshine changes everything

  1. It is truly all about the light. The best composition in the world is meaningless without good light. Believe me, I don’t get out of bed at insanely early hours because it feels good. I won’t be leaving my house at midnight this coming Saturday for a 3 a.m. Sunday morning start time to my hike just because I have nothing better to do. I’ll be chasing the light.

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