Seed need

Finally picked out our seeds for the season. I chose Territorial Seed Company seeds this year. They’re based out of Oregon, and the weather conditions these seeds are familiar with are familiar to me, too. I’m a thinker like that. Or a pray-er like that. Praying that the logic of my seed selection results in the seeds sprouting, thriving, and producing in my garden.

Territorial Seed Company catalog

It may look like the kiddos and I went crazy buying seeds. But this year’s selection is actually whittled down compared to last year. Let’s just say, I’ve learned my lesson. Not everything grows in my garden. Oh…and then there’s that pesky truth…I can’t keep up with it all. So, we went big, but not BIG.

  • 2 types of carrots (orange and white)
  • 2 types of tomato (big and small)
  • Snap peas
  • Green beans
  • 2 types of potato (gold and pink)
  • Patty pans (oh, how I love these little adorable squashes)
  • Zucchini (because I love me some zucchini bread)
  • Pearl onion
  • Pumpkin (kiddos picked that out special)
  • 2 types of cucumber (slicing and pickling)

Vegetable seed packets

And, of course, a new season means new gloves. My other pair had worn down so much that there was no longer fabric covering any of my fingertips. On both hands. How does that happen? And since I’m constantly fighting barbarous Himalayan blackberry canes who want to take over everything, my fingers need some protection.

Gardening gloves with seed packets in background

Now that I’ve got my materials, I just need to dig into the soil. We’ll get the tomatoes and other indoor starts set up this week. Then I’ll have a few weekends to get the garden prepped and tidied up for the outdoor seeds. And before I know it, I’m sure spring will be in full effect and I’ll be running after her to catch up.

Back to Territorial Seed Company, I just discovered that they’ve posted some instructional videos on their website. Can’t hurt to watch these and get some tips. I need a video titled, Gardening 101: How not to kill everything; or maybe Gardening 201: Go water and weed your garden, you idiot!


2 thoughts on “Seed need

  1. It’s so satisfying to pick and cook / eat things you have grown yourself. We spend summers in our summer house in the northern part of Sweden where the climate zone makes it difficult to grow certain things. Short and not too warm summers but long bright days (and nights). Our list looks pretty much like yours plus broadbeens and red onions which are favs. This year we’ll tempt fate and take a chance on butternut squash and artichoke. -:)

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