It’s a dark, rainy morning. As I sit at this glowing computer screen surrounded by dim light, a sudden rush of hard-pounding rain hits the roof above me. When I close my eyes, I can imagine myself transported somewhere else. To a bright summer day at the car wash. Sitting in the drivers seat as buckets of water dump down on the roof of my car. It’s that kind of force that I’m talking about. Buckets of rain. Sayings are sayings for a reason, I guess. There’s just no better way to describe it. Buckets.

If I went out with my camera now, who knows what pictures I’d come back with. But I’m quite cozy here with my cup of hot coffee and snuggly kitten. I think I’ll just peruse photos from a few days ago, and share those with you instead.

And what does my wandering eye come across? A peek-a-boo bird house nestled into the trees surrounding a riparian wetland.

Bird house hidden in trees

Who lives here I wonder? A traveling quartet of MacGillivray’s warblers. The vanWarbler Family Singers. Maybe they’re friends with the camping frogs. I can picture the four of them quite clearly in my head. My imagination fueled by copious Walt Disney movies. Another children’s book idea tucked away in my head. Saved for a different rainy day where I can revel in the birdy world of my dreams.

Bird house nestled in trees

What would your story be about?


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