French toast and flurries

Mother Nature surprised me this morning. With spring buds blooming, a soft snow cascaded down and rested on the delicate petals.

Snow on cherry blossoms

Winter and spring are duking it out. One reticent to leave. The other bursting to take the others place.

Snow on cherry blossom tree

For me, snow fall is the most peaceful thing. A silence fills the world, and my internal clock slows.

Snow on Rhododendron

And that is how I found myself in the kitchen with my daughter this morning. Forgetting the normal, frenzied morning routine. We giddily whipped up a batch of French toast drenched in maple syrup, and stared out the window at the giant, fluffy flakes of snow blanketing the world around us.

These are the moments I treasure.


3 thoughts on “French toast and flurries

  1. Beautiful, but it almost breaks my heart to see these delicate flowers (Japanese cherry blossom?) coated with snow. Fortunately, they seem to always survive this kind of weather as long as it is temporary.

  2. Rest assured. The snow quickly melted as the sky cleared and the sun came out to play. And, you’re correct. The first two photos are of cherry blossoms, and the last photos is a rhododendron.

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