A lot can happen in 7 months—here’s a dramatic example

Last year I had the best intentions to keep blogging, but then my daughter’s daycare had a fire and closed for 3 months, we had a water leak in our bathroom that required a construction crew, we got a puppy, then I was hit by summer break (more school closures), and a reorg at work. I guess I’m saying, stuff came up and I deprioritized the blog. But I’m hoping to start back up again.

As an apology for my absence, let me shamelessly bait you in with adorable puppy pictures. ‘Cause no one can resist a puppy, right?

Meet Gus.

Gus is 9 weeks old and still has his puppy pot belly

The puppy pot belly sure cracks me up. That stage didn’t last long, but boy did I savor it.

I was lucky enough to take Gus with me to the office for the first 2 weeks, so we could work on potty training. He met well over a hundred people during that time, which really helps with socialization. And it didn’t hurt his confidence any, either. Unexpectedly, it was easy on me. He slept most of the day under my desk or in his crate.

But like all puppies do, Gus kept growing.

Gus is 14 weeks old and looking like a gawky teenager

At the end of summer we took a weekend camping trip to Manzanita, Oregon. Our favorite camp site of all time. Gus got a chance to socialize with someone other than a human.

Hint: He’s the slightly smaller puppy in the green harness. His playmate is a few weeks older than him and named Winston.

While at the beach Gus found a fellow puppy to play with in the waves

This picture doesn’t even begin to convey how adorable these two were on the beach together. Just floppy puppy goofiness. I guess that’s what this picture is lacking—they’re both on all four legs. Imagine one or both of them tripping face first into the sand. Got an image in your mind? Yep, it was more like that.

But like all puppies do, Gus kept growing.

A profile shot of Gus at 6 months old and he's looking like a full grown golden retriever now

This is him now in all his majestic glory. Still only a puppy, but looking very much the grown up.

So, that’s my dramatic example of what can happen in 7 months. A little fluff ball can turn into this beast!

Times funny that way.

Happy New Year, folks! I’m looking forward to catching up with you.

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5 thoughts on “A lot can happen in 7 months—here’s a dramatic example

  1. Oh boy, he is one handsome young man! Glad to see you’re back, or maybe back, or planning to think about maybe coming back to your blog 😉

    Amazing how life can get in the way sometimes.

    1. Thanks, Jeff.
      Gus has really blown us away. When we were younger, we had a beagle. I soon learned that breed and my husband didn’t mix well. Beagles are super sweet, but boy do they have a mind of their own. He was always chasing after stuff. The golden retriever breed was a specific request from my husband, and now I know why. He never leaves our side. Dreamy.

      And, hey, thanks for the welcome back message! You’re a good virtual neighbor. 🙂

      1. Oh I’m all to familiar with the trials of puppyhood. And beagles!

        We had a lab that was the same way as Gus. My biggest concern when I started hunting with her was that she would run off, flush birds too far away, etc. But that girl was not only a bird hunting machine, she was definitely “daddy’s little girl.” She would run out to about perfect gun range and constantly be looking back for me. She was pure joy to watch in the grouse woods. I think I gave up hunting more because she became too old to hunt with, than the fact that photography took hold at about the same time. She was easily the most intelligent dog I’ve ever see too.

  2. That’s really thinking of the highest order

  3. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

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