About forkinriver.com

Driving into work one Monday morning, hot off a fantastic conversation about blogging the night before with my good friend, Annie, the concept for ForkInRiver came to me. Like a flash. A moment of clarity.

The name really exemplifies my love of the English language, and the many ways in which it can be interpreted. That’s the power of language. Place a word a bit differently in a sentence and it can change the whole meaning. Weird.

What’s it mean to me? Three things.

A fork in the river. It describes the place where I live. My home is just below where the north and south rivers join.

Shallow river rocks

A fork in my life path. I started this blog to help motivate me to contemplate my lifestyle choices, and challenge me to prioritize the things I love. To change direction.


A fish, from the river, on my fork. I love to eat, and I love to fish. So, “fork in river” could be taken literally. However, I’m primarily interested in spending time on the river, and would prefer to catch and release the fish. It’s a hobby for me, not a survival necessity. But in order to have more time to fish, I need to get my family life under control and humming like a well-oiled machine. What’s that mean for me? Well, I’m a self-proclaimed food addict. I can’t say I’m a real foodie. I’m not that particular, but I’ve always loved cooking and eating. Nothing gives me more pleasure than an over-the-top, taste-explosive meal. Over the years, cooking meals for the family in a rushed working mom style has become a chore instead of a joy. I’m resolved to change that. I want my family to enjoy every meal. To know every dish is made with love to nourish them. And I want to enjoy the process of making a good meal. I also want them to understand and appreciate the work involved in creating a meal (the whole process). That includes where things come from. Blogging about the food we make together as a family is a great way to document what we’re learning together.

Roasted cauliflower and spinach salad

Please join me as I record my attempts to learn more, love more, and live more.

Contact Info

I can be reached via email at forkinriver@outlook.com.


4 thoughts on “About forkinriver.com

  1. I applaud you on your resolution to spend more time fishing. My rods have been in the tubes for far too long, having taken a backseat to the camera over the last few years. Making a series of flyfishing photos a few months ago really rekindled the passion, in fact I wrote a blog post about it 🙂 I can’t wait to get on the water more this year and I look forward to reading your fish stories too.

    Oh yea, thanks for stopping by and following my blog. 😀

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jeff. I really appreciate your support. I’m a few weeks into my New Year’s resolutions, and I believe it’s a critical time. I need to keep the momentum.

      As for following your blog, that was a no brainer. Your photos are stunning. I’ll have to go find your flyfishing post, now.

      1. And I just discovered that we use the same rod, Sage. Great company! 🙂

      2. I know what you mean, once the motivation is gone it’s really hard to get it back. So far I’ve been successful with one of mine, get into the mountains more this winter, hopefully I can still maintain the desire to cast a fly this summer.

        Thank you for that compliment! I hope you continue to enjoy my photos, and the flyfishing ones in particular

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